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We understand...

You’re excited to have your app appearing on devices everywhere.
You can already envision happy users tapping and
clicking their way through the amazing app you created.

We can help, but this is a team sport.

Your vision + our experience




– Voice apps – Alexa, Google Home, and Siri
– Mobile apps – iOS and Android
– Web apps
– Desktop apps – Windows, MacOS, and Linux

Passivity is not our strong suit

If market strategy, user experience, and design are not critical to your vision, then CB1 isn’t the app development firm for you.


After 2.5 decades of building amazing technologies, our team understands what it takes to succeed in software. We are ready to help you succeed from design to development and through to launch.





The process for your app is simple:


Plan, design, test, develop, design, test, develop, and launch.


We start with your concept and plan from there, but if there isn’t a market for what you want to create, then there isn’t a lot of point in moving forward. We start with a comprehensive road map strategy to make sure you and we know what we are creating and why.


Price vs. Cost


CB1 was founded, because we saw so many people getting screwed over by development shops. We were often called in to clean up the mess, but we decided we wanted to be there from the beginning to prevent the mess in the first place.


Sometimes it was intentional and many times it was not. The intentional deception involved low-balling a price and then marking it up constantly throughout the development process by holding an entrepreneur hostage. Sometimes it wasn’t intentional, but still ended up costing entrepreneurs dearly. Poor or no planning at all, not being willing to test market fit, and bad development processes lead over and over again to products being delayed, poorly designed & developed, and huge cost overruns.


Our pricing is fair and cost effective, but most importantly, it is smart. You’ll know from the very beginning what we will be delivering, how, and why. It will be based upon a strategic development and launch plan for the market you want to serve. It will not be haphazard, it will not lock you into us for life, and it will be based upon what you need to deliver to your market for success.