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Your App… The Right Way

You have a vision for your app and you’re ready to make it real.

We can help build your app the right way. That means you’ll get a great app with a solid strategy at a cost-effective price.  

Are you ready? CB1 is ready to help you win.



Strategic app development


Your Vision + Our Experience = Success

Success comes from knowing where you are going and learning from your mistakes. Your investment is protected by 2.5 decades of lessons learned. We’ve delivered dozens of apps while also leading the launch and marketing teams. Get a strategic approach to your app’s development.


We don't do passivity very well

There are lots of folks out there that will take your money and take your order and then take more of your money. They don’t know how to turn vision into success and they won’t be persistent about helping you make the best choices for your app. We do.


User experience is EVERYTHING

We don’t ever let you forget that your users’ experience is critical to your success. We are driven by user experience, because your success depends on it Every line of code, every graphic element, and every communication with the user is governed by the philosophy of Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug.


Cross platform or native apps

Voice / Bot Development

We are excited about the potential of voice and bot technologies and believe it will tranform the world in which we live. Voice platforms are growing at a rapid pace and the adoption level isn’t likely to slow. We’ve dedicated resources specifically to voice and are launching apps right now. 


Android, iOS, and mobile web are all in the mix. Depending on the complexity of your app, you can build from one code base that works on any device or develop native code for every device. Our roadmap can help you determine what is best for your market.


MacOS, Linux, and Windows desktop applications can be cross platform or dedicated native. In many cases, starting with web prior to desktop to validate user usage is the best strategy, but some apps need a desktop client focus. We can help you figure out the best path.


Browser compliance, responsiveness, and optimization are critical for the success of web apps. Our team has deployed hundreds of apps and websites for clients. Web-based apps are a great way to test functionality, interface, and market adoption before full app development.

Which is right for you?

Our team can help you decide strategically which development
platforms are right for you and your target markets.

Cost vs. Price

They may sound the same, but they can be the difference between success and failure

Everything has a price, but what matters is the cost. We do a great job being cost-effective and keeping your expenses low, but we’ve also cleaned up a lot of app development messes. When price drives decisions costs typically go through the roof while quality suffers

We’ve seen too many great ideas ruined, because the wrong development team was hired for the job. The CB1 Development Roadmap will take you where you need to be whether you hire CB1 or someone else to develop your app. 

The CB1 App Development Process

Phase 1: Roadmap for Success

Success in app development requires planning. There is no way around it. It doesn’t require months of planning, but if you don’t want to invest a fortune into something without a market and without the proper user experience for success, then a roadmap is what you need.

We understand that this can be frustrating to hear, because you want to get started yesterday on your app, but we can tell you from cleaning up the mess of other development teams, that if you don’t plan, odds are strong your app will fail.

The Roadmap gives you a strategic plan, full app wireframes, user experience flow and a final quote for developing your app.


Phase 2: Interface Design / User Testing and Backend Development

During this phase, we unleash our amazing designers on your interface elements while building out the backend of your system. We reduce costs and time used during this phase, because we make use of industry standard components that are reusable for most backend functionality like user management, data storage and access, and search functions.

Our UI (user interface) design process is iterative and collaborative. Depending on the target devices for your app, we will begin working simultanrously across platforms in order to create a uniform user experience.

Phase 3: Ongoing Development
Prototype / User Testing, Design Refinement, Continued Coding on Backend and Frontend

This is where the real work of writing the code and putting together the pieces heads into high gear. Our team ir working hard to make sure everything works together the way it should. We are also testing the interface and work flow of your app with real users to make sure that the way your app functions is what a user needs to succeed in using your app.

Phase 4: Testing and Launch!

Testing your app is critical prior to launch. While releasing as a beta is common, we also want to be sure that even the beta is pretty rock solid, so we do our own in-house testing and testing with early users that we used during the design and prototyping stages.

Finally, when we all sign off on the way the app is for version 1, we launch. We’ve worked through the pre-launch phases of promotion with your marketing team and we’ve integrated everything needed to understand user behaviors and to oprimize for support. Your app is out for the world to enjoy and we get started making it even better.

Your app isn’t going to develop itself, but before your start, get the plan and the team you need for cost-effective strategic success

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